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Industrialubricants.com is a web-based project devoted to research and technology development in Tribology & Lubrication. We are a team with a Lubrication & Tribology background publishing technical articles, abstracts on Lubricants, Lubrication Process, Reliability & Sustainability. In modern industry 4.0, speciality lubricants are available as per the application & environmental point of view. However, selecting the proper lubrication process & proper lubricants for each type of application is not easy for everyone. Also, gathering all the technical information about the proper lubrication process & selection of proper lubricants is a time-consuming job because it is very hard to find out each & every application’s lubrication process in one platform.

Our community enjoys access to in-depth information about Lubrication & Tribology, events calendars, online calculators, monthly newsletter and other useful information. Our readership also comprises a versatile audience from the industry, starting from top management officials, professionals, & executives across different functions, including product development, planning, engineering, R&D, marketing, sales, and service.

Industrialubricants.com project aims to popularize and raise awareness of the proper lubrication processes, selection of best lubricants for their applications and tribology among engineers, researchers, students and enthusiasts.

The project is designed to be interactive. Therefore, everyone can contribute by sharing popular science articles, the lubrication process of different applications, news and related documents for our website. Please go through the contributor on-boarding guideline if you are interested in contributing to our project.

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Our goal is to develop a digital platform for all the engineers looking for the best lubrication process for each & every application of every type of industry so that they can get much cost-benefit by implementing the process & it will be one step ahead of sustainability. In addition, all the lubrication engineers & specialists or Tribology scientists will get a common digital platform to share their lifelong experience worldwide. Therefore, this platform connects two mediums of people. One looking for the information & the other one who has all the information both are in this common platform.

Industrialubricants.com is India based digital platform, which covers Lubricants, Lubrication, Reliability & Sustainability. Industrialubricants.com covers all aspects of machinery lubrication of almost all industry types like Steel, Cement, Power, Automobile, Construction, Mining, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Textile, Food, etc. We also post lubricating oil analysis, lubrication fundamentals & basics for machinery designers/engineers/operators or users. Also, periodically we share the best practices for lubricant storage and handling procedures, lubrication process development, and lubricant analysis and interpretation, articles on the basics of coolants, their usage & management. If you are interested in collaborating with us, do not hesitate to contact us via our official email ID – industrialubricants@gmail.com

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