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The most awaited Quiz on lubrication & tribology has finally launched. Our backend team is working day & night to change the look of the website & launch this Lubrication Quiz program as soon as possible. Thanks to all of you for showing amazing responses through Linkedin. We are just noticed that Lubrication & Tribology enthusiasts from all over the world are very eager to learn something new & we are here to provide maximum knowledge on Tribology & Lubrication through our website & other social media accounts.

Brief about the Lubrication Quiz Program

We have launched a Lubrication quiz program containing the basic level lubrication knowledge. Below you will find 20 questions. Each question is marked 5 points. For every wrong answer, no negative marking will be there, but you will lose 5 points for every wrong answer.

Suppose out of 20 questions you have answered 19 questions correctly & 1 question answer is wrong. So, your total earning will be 95 points.

In the future, we are working on launching other courses on lubrication & tribology so that anyone from all over the world can get the latest technology & innovation information related to Tribology & Lubrication.

When submitting the below Lubrication Quiz, you have to enter your Full Name & correct email id. Because the same name will be written in your Lubrication Quiz completion certificate. The minimum passing score is 50%. You need to provide min 10 question’s correct answers out of a total of 20 questions.

If you score a minimum of 50% or more, you will get a free certificate from us through your email id within a few minutes. So, we request you to please provide your correct email ID. Below is the sample of one original certificate. The certificate was achieved by one of our team members Ms. Riya after passing the Lubrication Quiz.

Certificate of Lubrication Quiz

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So, what are you waiting for? Let’s submit the Lubrication Quiz question paper & check your inbox for the certificate. If you did not receive the certificate within 5 to 10 minutes, please check your SPAM & other folders. Sometimes, our mail reaches your SPAM folders. If you get the email at any other folder except your inbox folder, we request you please move the email to your inbox & safelist our email id. So, that in the future, all our emails are reached to your INBOX only & not any other folder of your email.

If still, you have not received your certificate, you can let us know via our official email id or contact Ms. Riya over LinkedIn to find & solve the possible issue.

Also, you can always submit your answer sheet once again with the same email id & name with the same question paper & get your certificate from us. When you get your certificate through email, you can share the certificate on any social media or LinkedIn profile by mentioning us @industrialubricants.So. We can also show our gratitude to you.

Suppose you failed to achieve the minimum 50% of marks, you would not get the certificate from us. But you will get an email from us stating that you can always submit your question paper with the same email id & name & get your certificate at your email id at any time.

Thanks for participating in the Lubrication Quiz & supporting us.

Thank you very much for participating in the #LubricationQuiz. Below are the successful peoples who have participated in our online Lubrication Quiz program & successfully passed the passing marks & got their free certificate through personal email.

If you are also a Lubrication Enthusiast, you can also participate in the quiz & achieve your certificate from us. This page normally updates weekly.

TimestampScoreYour Full Name.
10/28/2021 1:12:3270 / 100Satish kumar S
10/28/2021 6:59:5290 / 100Srinu Moturi
10/28/2021 8:43:1560 / 100Sagar M. Nangaria
10/28/2021 10:34:5265 / 100SURAJ ZINE
10/28/2021 11:12:3570 / 100Abhishek S
10/28/2021 11:26:1375 / 100Richard Akiki
10/28/2021 12:28:5255 / 100Amol shinde
10/28/2021 12:58:5895 / 100Hesham Elmahdy
10/28/2021 18:50:3990 / 100Shoeb Ahmad
10/28/2021 19:33:0875 / 100Muzaffar Hussain Khaja
10/28/2021 20:27:5860 / 100S.Ravi Kiran
10/28/2021 20:45:2395 / 100Tony M Abraham
10/28/2021 20:46:4885 / 100Davood Beyralvand
10/28/2021 20:49:1370 / 100Hazem Nour
10/28/2021 20:59:5065 / 100Kapil Verma
10/28/2021 21:01:2885 / 100Mahesh Balaram Kelshikar
10/28/2021 21:02:2085 / 100Amol Arjun Shinde
10/28/2021 23:01:4955 / 100Moustafa Safwat
10/28/2021 23:24:0890 / 100Rasha mohamed
10/28/2021 23:31:1655 / 100Ahmad Mohamed Essam
10/29/2021 0:12:4695 / 100islam mohamed hassan hassan
10/29/2021 2:51:0060 / 100Mohamed Taha Ali Ibrahim
10/29/2021 9:37:1175 / 100Jimit Shah
10/29/2021 12:53:1680 / 100Ahmed Mohamed Sawy
10/29/2021 14:03:1180 / 100Mahmoud Aboukhattab
10/29/2021 14:29:1190 / 100Kapil Kumar Verma
10/29/2021 17:29:0685 / 100Adavil AntĂ´nio Bicelli Junior
10/29/2021 17:45:4985 / 100Abdalla abd ellateef radwan
10/29/2021 18:14:3280 / 100PATHIRI N SAMPATH
10/29/2021 18:30:4970 / 100Mohamed rabea anwer
10/29/2021 18:40:0180 / 100Mohamed Gamal
10/29/2021 19:57:1970 / 100Howayda Reda Hssan
10/29/2021 20:16:1150 / 100Mohamed Farghaly Sayed
10/29/2021 21:26:0185 / 100Ayat Gamal Ahmed