Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct of

This page of Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is for our family members & for all of website visitors.

We are considering all as family members who are working day & night with fullest self-motivation to run the website. Our family members are the backbone of our organization. But as an organization, it’s very important for our readers also to know about our Code of Conduct we follow for our organization.

It does not matter that we have 1 or 100 persons in our organization. Everyone should bind to obey the rules of organization’s code of ethics & professional conduct.

Work Environment

We as a backbone of our organization always act with integrity & always maintain a professional work environment and comply with family owned organization policies. We always treat our website visitors, colleagues, and partners ethically at all times. At our organization, we all are encouraging everyone for open communication & team work. Every one of our family members is getting equal opportunity to work in different roles. It does not matter for all of us that what is the gender or religion or color or disability of the member. Also we all are making every effort to provide a safe, healthy work environment within the organization. All members of the organization is dedicated to continuing to reduce the risk of any types of injury & health & safety related issues.
We always try to be regular and punctual in for our work. This means being in the office, ready to work, at starting & ending time each day.

Conflict of Interest

Our actions & integrity is the face of our organization. As a family owned organization, we have personal relationship between the members but at the time working environment we avoid personal relationships status to make objective and fair decisions.

Protecting Company Assets

We as always act to protect our organization assets, including physical, intellectual, and electronic or digital properties.


We are fully aware of our social & environmental responsibilities. We always try to accept & implement sustainable ideas within our organization by which we will be able to preserve an ecologically sound environment for future generations.

As we are in the starting stage, we are learning & growing day by day. We will periodically update & review all our policies, code of ethics & professional conduct as per our family members suggestions, behaviors & most importantly experience. You as a valuable reader of our website are equivalent as a family member of You are always welcome to share your suggestions & experience with us via contact form of our website or you can directly ping us via our official email id –

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