EMCOR Grease Testing Machine


There are various types of test rigs or lubricants testing machines available in the market, which helps determine the different qualities of different greases. We have already written articles on Roll Stability Tester, CV Joint lubrication test rig, PIN On Disc Tribometer, etc. Today we are talking about the EMCOR grease testing machine.

Why EMCOR Machine is Used?

To maximize the number of running hours of the machines, preventing rust on a bearing is the most important factor. If you want advantages to your equipment and applications, relying upon the EMCOR Machine can give you assured results with premium advantages. Let’s have a look at some basic yet vital points. 

As most bearings get affected by humidity, water, or condensed humidity, they may get rusty because of the excessive outdoor use or temperature differences during day and night. Good quality grease can protect the bearing from rust in such extreme situations. To separate both good and bad rust protective greases, choosing premium quality grease for the high-quality bearings is highly recommended. SKF have developed the EMCOR Grease Testing Machine to provide top-notch results. EMCOR Machine, the Grease Tester, decides the capacity of Grease to protect a bearing against corrosion within the presence of water.

The dynamic process is possible with the SKF EMCOR Grease Test Rig. Grease has tested both ways while the bearings are in standing and running conditions. The bearings must be protected against corrosion by any oil left in contact with rollers or raceways while they are standing.

1 Control unit with digital clock
2 Electric motor
3 Base plate
4 Shaft with protective nylon coating
5 Eight polyamide housings
6 Distilled or demineralised water, salt water or synthetic sea water.
7 Test bearing and teasting grease/oil

Grease Testing Procedure at EMCOR Test Rig:

The bearings for testing are 1306K/236725 double row, self-aligning, and ball bearings. With a nylon sleeve, a nut and a washer, the bearings are cleaned thoroughly and filled with the required amount of test grease. The seals are installed, and the required amount of water is added to the housings. The bearings are installed in the housings. Finally, the housings close and seal. The following sequence of tests is used: 8-hour running and then 16 hour stop and again 8-hour running and 108 hours stop. Next, the bearings must be dismounted, removed, washed and rated. The level of rust determines the anti-corrosion property of the grease. This test method conforms to international standards such as ISO 11007, ASTM D6138 Germany DIN 51802, Great Britain BS2000 pt 220 (IP 225), Sweden SIS 155130, France NFT 60-135.

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Minimum two bearings for every test are run in the machine somewhat submerged in water at a speed of ca. 80 rpm in a foreordained arrangement of running or pausing for a multi-week. Toward the finish of the test, the raceways of the external bearing rings are investigated for rust.

Versatility of the EMCOR grease testing machine:

You can run the test to test oils and greases, or you can also make modifications to the test medium. You can use water brine (SALT Water) instead of normal water or tilt the machine slightly to check the corrosion-inhibiting properties and grease water washout properties of a lubricant as water flows through the housings. This is called the SKF EMCOR Washout Test (Option).

Test Results:

There is no need for special equipment to evaluate the test results. The test results are very repeatable. The following scale is used for rating:

image 1

Some Other Test Rigs developed by SKF over the years:

  • The SKF TMG/ROF Grease Testing Machine is used to test the lubricating ability of greases at high temperatures and speeds.
  • The SKF TMG/V2F Grease Testing Machine is developed to test the mechanical stability of any grease.
  • The SKF TMG/R2F Grease Testing Machine for the mechanical-dynamic behaviour of greases.
  • SKF developed the SKF BEQUIET+ Grease Noise Testing Machine to assess a grease’s noise characteristics.


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