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Industrialubricants $1000 Scholarship for All Students One Time Per Year

We are motivated to help students who are dedicated to improving the lives of others and that’s why we hold a $1000 merit-based scholarship once a year for students from all fields of studies.

Who Are We? is a website designed and developed to provide information about the Industrial Lubricants & information about basics of Tribology, Tribological solutions, Lubrication Optimization & Sustainibility. To know more about our website please visit about section of our website.

We want to spread the knowledge about Lubricants, Lubrication, Reliability & sustainability.

What is This Scholarship About?

We understand the significance of the information online and want to give a platform to students to exhibit their research and literary abilities in this area.

That’s why We have created the Scholarship for Undergraduate or Postgraduate students with the passion of writing and spreading knowledge to receive $1000 award one time every upcoming year.

There is NO application fee.


This scholarship is only for students who are presently enrolled in colleges, universities or high schools.

Students of any stream/branch of study can apply for this scholarship.

Applicants must be above 18 years of age.

Essay Topic

Applicants have to submit a min of 1200+ word of abstract, research points or information on any one of the following topics:

  • Selection of Proper Lubricants & Lubrication process for any type of industry for increment of re lubrication interval & increment of equipment life.
  • Abstract, Research Papers or Information about the Sustainability through industrial lubrication.

Please write article after proper Keyword research & essay must be 100% unique. We will check the article for plagiarism, if article is found plagiarized then your entry will be rejected .We will check which article will receive a good amount of traffic from search engines. You can also send article based on this topic but the title can change.

How to Submit your Application

Step 1: Write the article on the above-mentioned topics.

Step 2: Email the article via a doc file to

Step 3: Include the following details in your mail

  1. Your Personal Details (Name and Address).
  2. Your School Name.
  3. Your Current Area of Study.
  4. Any valid document issued by your school/college which will prove that you are a current student.
  5. Nationality & Where You Are Residing
  6. Phone Number
  7. Email
  8. Last Attended Schools & Year of Graduation
  9. Your intended place of study and course

Deadline For Submission

The last date for submission is May 31st, 2021 (Every Year).

How Will the Winners Be contacted?

The submissions will be reviewed by our editors and based on their feedback & traffic received from google. Based on these two parameters winner will be announced.

Winners will be contacted via email after the results are declared on 15th June 2020 (Every Year).

$1000 cheque will be sent directly to you once we verify your address details.

Terms & Condition

  • This information is for all the candidates applying for the scholarship.We reserve the right to verify any information provided by you in terms of your personal information & data shared in the article. If you do not comply with our requests for information within the deadlines provided, you will be automatically disqualified.
  • There is no cost to apply for this scholarship. We receive plenty of submissions for the scholarships. It is be sure that we will review all submissions but will only contact the winner.
  • Please note that It is our sole discretion in choosing who to award the scholarship and the winner may or may not be announced in public. Also it should be noted that If there are less than 15 applicants to the scholarship in any annual period, we may decide not award the scholarship to any one. Also the scholarships terms may be changed by us without any due notice.


  • We will not share any private information and it will be used for the sole purpose of this scholarship program.
  • By submitting the content / article / abstract on Industrial Lubricants & information about basics of Tribology, Tribological solutions, Lubrication Optimization & Sustainability, Candidates give us permission to publish the content on our website and on our social media accounts. Students will maintain the rights and ownership of the original content. If any students need to mention their details as AUTHOR BIO, they can mention in the Author Bio section.

We look forward to reading your submissions.

Good Luck!


Here is some of the articles or technical information on the basics of Tribology, Tribological solutions, Lubrication Optimization & Sustainability for the writers who are seeking some strategy how to prepare an 100% unique article for

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  2. Basics of Industrial Lubricants.
  3. What is Tribology, Tribosystem & Lubrication?
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  5. Reliable Lubrication Solution for Wire Rod Mill in Steel Plants
  6. Reliable Lubrication Solution for Steel Melting Shop (SMS) in Steel Plants
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  8. Reliable Lubrication Solution for Sinter Plant in Steel Making Plants
  9. Reliable Lubrication Solution for Coke Production Plant in Steel Plants
  10. How to Decide The Amount of Grease to be Used for Lubricating Gears?  
  11. Methods to Reduce Friction Where Lubricating Oil is Not Advisable as Lubricant!
  12. How to Get Grease Out From Your System | Grease Cleaning Process in Industrial Application
  13. Relation Between Friction, Wear & Lubricants 
  14. Precautions To Be Taken In Turbine Bearing Lubrication System 
  15. Advantages or Usefulness of Proper Lubrication System 
  16. Can Lubricants Increase Friction? 
  17. Get License to Import Lubricants from Outside India 
  18. Grease Lubricating System Used in Different Types of Stone Crusher 
  19. Lubrication System of Sling Rope | Wire Rope Lubricants 

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